Do you have an online store? If not, set up a Shopify store on Facebook. With the popularization of e-commerce, people are changing their mode of shopping. Online shopping is becoming a norm in many countries around the world. As this happens, in-stores are continuing to face reducing profits and sales levels. Apart from this, the online stores are not making enough sales.
Unlike in the early years of the 21st century, customer virtual shopping preference is changing per dawn. Customers are seeking ways to shop at their convenience and on where they spend their time. Social media and apps are becoming selling points. As an entrepreneur, you must find ways of aligning your business with the new customer preferences. Here is why setting up a Shopify store on Facebook can help you realize this objective:


Minimizing your cost while earning higher profits is a trophy that any entrepreneur desire to win. It sounds good to make ten dollars at the expense of less than a dollar. However, it is a hard tackle. Mainly, in the era of increasing virtual competition, you need to invest more cash to generate more revenue. Selling on Facebook with Shopify is one of the easiest ways to maximize your profits at a lower cost.
Facebook has a potential customer base of more than 2 billion active users. Also, statistics show that 20% of an online shopper in the US use Facebook as their point of contact. Again, to set up a Shopify store for selling on Facebook, you only pay a monthly fee of $9. With this, information, you can ascertain that you will use less cash to target a high potential market niche. Thus, regardless of your budgetary status, you have an opportunity of making good money.


When you mention e-commerce, people start to think about Shopify. The same way, social media means Facebook to many audiences. Even though the two are not the sole players in their respective fields, they are the pacesetters. Shopify is a renowned and trusted brand in the e-commerce field. While Facebook is the father of all social platforms.
By setting up an online store with Shopify on Facebook, you combine the potential of these two giants. You give your store the reputation of Shopify and the possibility of Facebook. Hence, it will be easy to convince your customers easily as they already trust and respect the platforms you are using.
Also, you give your online store an opportunity for social proofs. When a customer buys products from your store, they can leave a comment, like, or even share the information with peers. The notion of using social proof to promote your business helps you to gain trust from your prospects. Also, it is an excellent way to save on your marketing costs as customers become free brand ambassadors.


Selling online is no longer optional. If you are looking forward to succeeding, you must offer your products online. However, it is not an easy journey. Many entrepreneurs already gave up their online dream due to lack of cash to set up a virtual store. Will you join them too? Well, before you decide to shelve your idea, here are some good news: you can set up a Shopify store on Facebook for only $9 per month. Indeed, regardless of what you are selling, you can afford this amount. Hence, instead of shelving your business idea, you should start building your online store on Facebook with Shopify.
As you can see, having a Shopify store on Facebook is an excellent step to accomplishing your business dreams.

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